Resolution for Opening of the Assembly

The first National Assembly for Black Liberation convened May 18-20, 2018,
in Durham, North Carolina is the beginning of a process to rebuild
the National Black Liberation Movement as a necessary component of a
revolutionary movement for the social transformation of the United States.
We meet in the great tradition of national assemblies, conventions, and
conferences all designed as democratic forums for all voices in struggle to be
heard and become a united force actively engaged in struggle.
We hold this first Assembly as a step toward a second Assembly to be held
in 2020 after which we have had a national dialogue based on local and
regional forums fueled by areas of unified practice in Black liberation
assemblies, individual and group study of the Draft Manifesto, draft
resolutions and proceedings from breakout sessions.
Our second National Assembly will be a representative gathering to
unify Black Liberation forces on the basis of regions, battlefronts, gender,
generation, and ideological and political tendencies.

Therefore, be it resolved

1. That we certify the creation of a Proceedings Committee to
document this Assembly and share our results with the publishing
and national distribution of the Assembly proceedings

2. That we vote to certify our collective discussions as the basis for a
national process of two years (2018-2020) that can lead to a
Second assembly when we will meet to ratify by representative vote
a manifesto to govern and guide the Black Liberation Movement