Transitioning from N.C. Rapid Response to Hurricane Florence to N.C. Political Mobilization Report from BLACK WORKERS FOR JUSTICE (6 MONTHS AFTER 3/1/19)

The Just Florence Recovery Rapid Response network has brought together theintersection of the environmental/climate justice struggle and the voting rights mobilization struggle.The 2018 Environmental Justice Summit provides a strategic framework for helping to develop coordinated intersectional activities and demands.The long-term impacts stemming from the impacts of climate disasters on communities continuously impacted by environmental racism and injustices, need the voting rights and mobilization forces to help utilize voter education and mobilization to engage and mobilize voters in counties and communities impacted by the disaster.Utilizing voter education to help promote and give impacted communities a platform and voice to raise demands related to recovery from Hurricane Florence and structural changes and policy protections for environmental justices connects voter education and mobilization to a long-term strategy beyond the election period.Environmental-Climate Justice Get Out the Vote Rallies at the County Seats of impacted counties raising the demands could be a major build up for voter education and mobilization and a projection of a growing mass based environmental-climate justice movement in North Carolina.A mass based environmental-climate justice movement would be a powerful battlefront of the wider movement for systemic change to end all forms of oppression and injustice. This is an important moment in a period of outrage and struggle against the failures of the capitalist system. We must not miss this moment to help deepen the mass consciousness, to forge greater unity and coordinated actions of social justice and systemic change organizations, and to help promote national demands like Medicare for All that must be oneof the structural changes that helps to address the many health damages caused by thecapitalist system. The State of North Carolina and the federal government needs to be put on trial by thecommunities impacted by environmental and climate racism and injustices in the form of anInternational Tribunal on environment and climate injustice and voter suppression that needs to be wide reaching and popularized in its build up.
A Tribunal on these areas of oppression can have a major impact on national andInternationalizing the struggle against the oppressive polices and structures of the Trump-Pence regime and bipartisan decisions on these issues. A Tribunal is not a quick action to be organized in a week or two. It needs to be part of a longer term strategy that goes beyond the mid-term election period. Sometimes local and statewide struggles peta-out quickly after a disaster, because that don’t connect tostatewide, national and international movements and periods of struggle. An Environmental-Climate Justice and Voter Education working-group needs to be formed out of the 2018 Environmental Justice Summit to develop a plan for organizing actions and raising environmental-climate justice and anti-voter suppression demands and after the election to develop a plan for the holdingof a Tribunal. We know that local and mainly single-issue organizations have questions about their capacity to hold major mobilizations.  But we must not forget this major undertaking of the Just Florence Recovery that involved forces and allies from different single-issue organizations.Some consideration should be given to using some of the funds raised by the Just Florence Recovery efforts to make this transition from recovery to political action and holding a Tribunal. 

NC Community Solidarity with Durham City workers

Greetings Comrades,
As many of you may have heard in the newspaper and T.V., Durham City Workers Union chapter of UE local 150 (majority blue collar and black workers) is in a big fight against the City’s job and wage restructuring. This is a fight against austerity and racism!
We greatly appreciated the Community and Durham Workers Assembly (a united front of workers organizations and unions) attending the UE150 workers speak-out forum two weeks ago where workers from 5 departments spoke out about the dread and frustration these changes are bringing to the entire workforce. Good articles were in the Triangle Tribune and Spectacular Magazine. 

We are mobilizing workers tomorrow, Thursday to speak out at the City Council work session and need some community allies there to help hold signs and make a presence.  It starts at 1pm at City Hall.  Please email me (or text at 919-539-2051) if you can make it! 
City workers are already overworked and are feeling even more stretched and unappreciated by abusive and racist managers. Hopefully City Council will take these concerns seriously and help us slow this train wreck.  If things don’t get slowed down, then we will be mobilizing supporters and city workers again to a vote on the City Council meeting on the evening of Monday,  March 18 at 7pm. 
Nathhanette Mayo/ Durham City Workers Union & Chair of theUE150 Municipal Workers CouncilUE local 150, NC Public Service Workers UnionWorkers Rights are Human Rights, Organize the South!

Condemning the Massacre of 49 Muslims in New Zealand

We are outraged at the horrific murders of 49 Muslims at the Masjid Al Noor and Linwood Masjid in Christchurch, New Zealand. This cowardly attack on innocent worshippers is the latest attack perpetrated by those in service of an international movement of white supremacy and white nationalism. We mourn for their families and community.
The terrorists are virulently anti-Black, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-woman and anti-LGBTQ. The assaults on Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Charlottesville and now this attack on the Mosques in New Zealand are clear and undisputable signs of the coherence of white supremacist ideology, strategy and tactics. Denying or ignoring this puts us at even greater risk. Moreover we have to remind people that there have been many individuals, especially Muslims who have been murdered or injured as a result of hate crimes.

The Trump regime has clearly provided comfort and encouragement to this
movement here in the US and abroad. The racist head of state could not even bring himself to say the words Muslim or terrorist to describe the victims and attackers in his initial statement. He has not and will not condemn white nationalist as terrorist.

We are compelled to build a unified response and strong united front in the days ahead. The communities under attack must build or strengthen relationships directly with each other based on mutual defense of our institutions and persons.

This is no easy task because we have been divided by our enemies and impacted by backward and hateful ideas. We must struggle to overcome these barriers.

We are called to challenge all policies, statements and actions that are Islamophobic that come from our elected officials and join our neighbors in the streets to protest this most recent act of racist violence even though it occurred 8,000 miles away.

Black Workers for Justice

March 15, 2019

P.O.P. ‘s Malcolm X Tribute! FROM THE BATTLEFRONT:For Blk History Month…preserves Legacy of His Revolutionary Leadership!

NEWARK, NJ Report/ “Learning from Malcolm X”

On February 21st, The People’s Organization for Progress(P.O.P.) , one of the May 2018 National  Assembly For Black Liberation participants, proudly observed the Feb. 19th  anniversary commemoration of our beloved leader Malcolm X with a very special discussion and guest…Bill Sales!
Bill Sales, a genuine people’s scholar activist… literally kicked the door in to Columbia University with the 1968 university  takeover…He would become the centerpiece of Seton Hall University’s Africana Studies Department for years until his recent retirement several years ago. 
Along with Abdul AlKalimat and Sam Anderson, they put together several robust conferences on the legendary Malcolm X at the top of the 1990s called Malcolm X Speaks. So powerful and well networked were these Conferences that our comrades from Cuba had to host their own conference on the same theme dedicated to Malcolm enlisting their participation and feedback.
Sales’ book…”From Civil Rights to Black Liberation:Malcolm X and The Organization of AfroAmerican Unity”…is a classic that centered his talk.Sales not only detailed the impact of Malcolm X on his times as a thinker and organizer, he placed Malcolm’s legacy in the heart of the Black working class and as such how Malcolm continues to be a enlightening and powerful anti-imperialist Black Liberation Movement hero for the Int’l Working Class!…The session was opened by local poet Justice Rountree and press officer Zayid Muhammad doing ” A Place I’ve Never Been”…P.O.P. chairman Lawrence Hamm gave closing remarks.