Heading Black Working Class Will Never Abandon Venezuela!

“The struggles of the Black working-class, united around a national program must have international solidarity and must be understood within the context of an anti-imperialist struggle against global capitalism and the US led imperialist global economic, military and political infrastructure. For the Black working-class and the Black liberation movement not to struggle against capitalism, is not to be engaged in a struggle for Black liberation.” (Saladin Muhammad, Black Workers for Justice)

We must remind our people that over 150 million Africans live throughout the so-called Americas. We especially must raise this reality at critical moments like this when the corporate media and establishment opinion is legitimizing U.S. gangsterism that could kill thousands of people in Venezuela.

Afro-Venezuelans contacted Black Alliance for Peace to ask us to remind our people in the United States that military forces will target Afro-Venezuelans if a military intervention occurs because they represent a core constituency of the Bolivarian revolutionary process in Venezuela.

When a so-called opposition takes down the flag of its own country and raises the U.S. flag—after also displaying the Israeli flag on its podium during a demonstration—the true nature and interests of this element are exposed. This is an opposition that burnt Afro-Venezuelans alive because they assume all Black people support the government.

We know what will happen if a U.S.-led military intervention takes place. It will be a re-play of the 1989 invasion of Panama, where U.S forces turned the Black community of El Chorrillo into a “free fire zone,” resulting in the complete destruction of the community and the deaths of over 3,000 Panamanians.  

The U.S. state has demonstrated repeatedly that it has no regard for non-European life, from Iraq through Libya to Yemen and a dozen nations in between.

It is imperative we separate our folks from this naked imperialist move on Venezuela. It is important for African/Black people to be clear where we stand on these kinds of issues. The war and militarism being waged against us by the domestic military we call “the police” in our communities—along with the mass incarceration complex—is part of the global Pan-European Colonial/Capitalist White Supremacist patriarchy that is now conspiring against the Bolivarian revolutionary process in Venezuela.

The European Union Parliament’s decision to recognize the puppet government being imposed on the people of Venezuela demonstrates why we have a common enemy in the U.S./EU/NATO “axis of domination.”

There can be no confusion—despite the sectoral fights inside the capitalist class that is currently playing out in their struggle against Trump, they are united when it comes to projecting the dominance of the Pan-European imperialist project. They are prepared to fight to the last drop of your blood and mine to defend their privilege.

That is why the Black Alliance for Peace is clear: We say “not one drop of blood from working class and poor to defend the interests of the capitalist oligarchy.” We want peace and People(s)-Centered Human Rights, but we recognize that there is no peace without justice. Real social justice, which requires radical structural change, cannot be realized without struggle. And there can be no effective social change without clearly identifying the enemy—the source of our oppression—and being able to imagine an alternative.

The people of Venezuela have made a choice. We will not debate the merits of their process—its contradictions or problems. Our responsibility as citizens/captors of empire is to put a brake on the U.S. state’s ability to foster death and destruction on the peoples of the world.

BAP is calling on all African/Black organizations to oppose U.S. intervention in Venezuela. Create public educational materials for the groups you are working with. You can pull from BAP’s statement on Venezuela, which raises the important principles we must defend: https://blackallianceforpeace.com/bapstatements/defendvenezuela

We are also joining with organizations from across the country to support a national day of action against U.S. intervention February 23.  We will share more information on that on our site as that information is produced. If you might be interested in organizing actions on that day, please get in contact with us atinfo@blackallianceforpeace.com.

Feel free to distribute this information on Venezuelan actions: https://blackallianceforpeace.com/newsletter/whitesupremacyofusinterventions

No Compromise, No Retreat,

Struggle to Win,

Ajamu Baraka

National Organizer, Black Alliance for Peace

It’s getting close–time to march! The 13th annual Moral March on Raleigh and HKonJ People’s Assembly is this Saturday February 9th in RaleighCLICK HERE to Join us!

The Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKONJ) Coalition of over 200 social justice organizations unites each February to bring our Moral Agenda to the policy-makers in Raleigh. You won’t want to miss this event which unites all North Carolinians! 

NC Poor People’s Campaign will meet at 8:15AM at the McDonald’s parking lot 105 E. South St near Shaw University. The pre-rally begins at 9AM at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, at the corner of Wilmington and South Streets.. At 10AM we’ll march together six blocks to Bicentennial Mall for the People’s Assembly.

Need a ride?  RSVP here to tell us you’re coming and to register for a Poor People’s Campaign bus coming from Asheville, Winston-Salem, Goldsboro or Harnett/Lee Counties.

Live near Raleigh? Come to the Pre-Moral March Town Hall Friday February 8th 6-7:30PM at Rush Metropolitan AME Zion Church, 558 E Cabarrus Street. Our discussion will focus on the ongoing fight for Voting Rights. 

The NC Poor People’s Campaign is thousands strong–let’s march together and make our voices heard on February 9th. CLICK HERE to tell us you’re coming!

Forward Together! Not One Step Back!

North Carolina Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

NC Voting Rights Battlefront

It’s time to talk about the new N.C. photo ID requirement to vote! We will be holding area peoples’ assemblies through out NC ! Angaza.

Learn what we do know (and what we don’t yet know), at a “What’s Next for Voter ID” Forum coming to a city near you!

Join our coalition effort…..You Can Vote, Democracy North Carolina, Common Cause NC, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, and our community partners, as we discuss the latest on the law, including: 

– Current approved photo IDs;
– Exceptions to the photo ID requirement;
– Legal challenges; and
– Our plans to help voters and advocate for voter-friendly rules (and how you can help).

Click here to RSVP.

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Democracy North Carolina

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